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1-3 July 2016, Astrakhan, Russia

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TFR is the most ambitious and reaching event in the language industry in Russia and across the former Soviet Union countries. It has been held annually since 2009. Hundreds of professionals from different parts of the world, including freelance and in-house translators and interpreters, producers of CAT tools and other translation-related software, and company managers, get together every year to share best practices and improve standards for language service provision.

Kazan, Sochi, St. Petersburg, and Yekaterinburg have hosted the event, and now it’s the turn of the Russian capital to welcome the participants. This summer we hope to see more discussions held in the constructive and friendly spirit, more networking, and more exciting events both as part of the core event and on its margins.

The general goals of the conference are to strengthen the professional community, to improve collaboration, to share knowledge of new tools and methods, and to promote the best interests of both practitioners and schools of translation and interpreting alike.

We invite you to join us in implementing this important mission. We value the expertise of our participants and appreciate input from the international community, as well as Russian professionals. This year, the conference will focus on the new challenges faced by the industry and new ways to address them.

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